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Introduction to Characters: This is a story about a mixed-race punk rock band in Los Angeles, 1981.  The main character, Kid, is a female foster child of profoundly mixed ethnicity with severe burn scars across her chest and left shoulder.  She pretends to be male in order to be accepted. She plays guitar and back up vocals.  Lead singer Clobber is white, Benny the drummer is black, and their eventual bassist Justin is white.  Benny and Kid are good friends and lived together in the Rigby house (Mrs Rigby is Benny’s mom) in South Central for a while.

Story Start: The entire band is covered in blood and handcuffed to chairs in a hospital.

Inciting Incident: Flashback mode - the death of “Heavy B” Heaven and the involvement of Charles.  Kid used to work for Charles as a local drug runner.  Kid is lit on fire [possibly while attempting to kill Charles or visa versa] and ends up hospitalized and then in foster care outside of South Central for three years.  Charles either gets hospitalized with burns and vanishes or he goes to jail due to Kid providing evidence to the police.

Point of No Return:  Band arrives at their first gig at a small club, opening for another punk band.

Conflict/Outcome/Low Point: There are skinheads there.  It gets brutal, fast.  The stage gets rushed and a riot breaks out.  Kid breaks a mike stand on someone’s kneecaps and Benny literally breaks a skinhead’s face. Clobber causes damage everywhere, using club equipment and alcohol bottles to brutalize the skinheads and bystanders.  Everyone gets arrested.  This connects to the starting incident.

Conflict/Outcome/Low Point:  The band has an instant reputation for violence and attracts a rough punk crowd.  On their 4th gig, with two black people in the band, Kid sees Charles in the crowd with some skinheads.  Kid falls in love with their fan/drug dealer/roadie, JJ — which is a problem, because Kid is a girl pretending to be a man.  Kid gets sexually harassed by some female groupies and flips out.

Conflict/Outcome/Low Point: At a pool party, there are copious amounts of drugs and mostly naked people.  Kid has a bit of a sexual/emotional crisis.  This ends abruptly when she gets pushed into the pool and almost drowns — she can’t swim and panics.  Her chest scarring is revealed.

**Conflict/Outcome/Low Point: Mrs Rigby has a heart attack and part of the house catches on fire. Benny and Kid suddenly have the 14-year-old Wesley on their hands, a fire-damaged house, and serious money problems. [** May not end up in the story — might not flow right.]

Conflict/Outcome/Low Point: JJ tells Kid that he’s noticed the way “he” looks at him.  JJ then confesses to being gay too.  Kid is devastated — the man she loves is only into men, an entity that she is not.  Kid doesn’t handle it well and outs JJ to the band.  Because of the incident with the groupies, the band thinks Kid is actually a gay man— Benny knows Kid is a she, but he had almost made himself forget.  Things get tense.

Darkest Hour / Climax:  Charles and two other skinheads come onto the scene while the band is filming a promo video.  It turns into a hostage situation, with the band locked into a room that isn’t unlockable from the outside. A studio intern, a woman, gets held hostage.  Kid lets Charles and the other skinheads in.  The cops get called.  Ultimately, the studio woman gets murdered and Kid gets shot multiple times. The two skinheads holding the rest of the band hostage start arguing with each other and the band manages to beat them half to death. Charles is gunned down by the cops.  Kid is filmed by a tabloid crew while she crawls over to the murdered woman, cradles her and starts screaming.

Resolution: Kid is revealed to be female and an underage runaway foster kid.  There’s a fairly large amount of press dedicated to the shooting and Kid and the degradation of punk rock.  Kid is also in a huge amount of legal trouble.  Kid disappears from the hospital and there is some evidence that she committed suicide by jumping into the LA river.  She could barely move with all her wounds and had an active infection.  If she really did jump into the LA river, her wounds alone would guarantee death by infection and contamination.  Kid is believed to be dead after a month.  Benny takes his rage out on his drums, joining a new band immediately and seeing success as a stage drummer/studio drummer for hire.  Clobber disappears into heroin and crack cocaine.  Justin presumably leaves to grow weed somewhere in Humboldt county.

There is a sequel.
Outline: The Black Hats
A general outline of the whole miserable novel I'm gonna write.  It may be greatly expanded, with the ending becoming the middle. 
Though it's rough, C&C welcome.

Just a note: Kid is 16 or so during the bulk of the story, but only 8 or 9 when burned.  And yes, that means the story features underage drinking, drug use, drug dealing and other ill-advised activities by a child and then, an underage teenager.  It's a coming-of-age story!  With severe violence, crime, sexism, racism, and drugs.  Crack cocaine and AIDS hadn't quite exploded yet in '81, but it was already happening.
The 1980's sucked.  They sucked the hardest in South Central LA.  Thanks, crack cocaine.  Just... real great job.

This is part of my participation in 
I finished Flash Fiction Month.  I did a story every day even though I study, hold two jobs, my cat was killed by a coyote, my grandma was hospitalized, there were birthdays, a marathon D&D game, and training for a third job. And all this through getting 6 hours of sleep or less every night for two weeks due to the collective above.
I sat down and wrote a story with absolutely no advance ideas, every time, every day.
I can write through depressive fogs, lack of sleep, no time, work demands, and while assisting the elderly.
So, you know what?
I think I've got some pretty good writing discipline.

Next, NaNoWriMo.  I'll be disappearing into research, again.  I'm reasonably certain NASA still won't talk to me, but I've been stalking them for months now, so I know a lot more than I did last year.

Also, a 2-year-overdue oil painting is owed to a good man.  I will be needing to draw an awful lot of naked ladies.

Thank you for listening, my microcosmic but valued watchers.


United States

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